TG Snowball

   Born at home in the RAF camp at Shawbury, the author moved around with his parents, spending five years in Germany and two years in Libya.
   He went to seven different primary schools and alleges that none got round to teaching him English.
   The author is the cute one on the right...

   After leaving school the author became a qualified deck officer, plying his trade around the world on super-tankers and occasionally on cross-channel ferries. He never saw the merchant navy as a long-term career but as an opportunity to travel the world while young.
   He went to university to continue his education, then entered academia for the long summer holidays to enjoy his passion - travel.

   The author became a travel-hardened minor academic managing British higher education with collaborative partners worldwide. He has also been involved in various projects as a consultant for the United Nations.
   Being a professor, he has about fifty or so academic publications (journals, readers, conference papers, and so on), which includes short spells as a technical editor for a shipping journal.
   Travel has been the nature of his career and he has visited over eighty countries, including spending about eight months in China, and working in Oman and Israel among other places.
   He currently spends the summer months in the south of France, swimming, drinking the local wine, and writing.
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